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Buying a used dirt bike
Buying a Used Dirt Bike

Buying a used dirt bike can be stressful, especially for a beginner rider but due diligence, being observant, asking questions, taking your time, and going with your gut instinct Read more . . .

Dirt bike VIN info
Dirt Bike VIN Info

Buying a used dirt bike in good mechanical condition is only part of the total equation. Making sure the dirt bike isn't stolen is the other part, and the dirtbike's VIN (Vehicle Read more . . .

KTM 250R two stroke dirt bike
KTM Freeride 250R

If you were to make a list of the best beginner dirt bikes, a two stroke KTM trail bike would probably not be very high on the list, if it makes it to the list at Read more . . .

dual-sport rider on dirt bike
Dual-Sport Bikes

The popularity of dual-sport bikes has held steady since the late 1960's (when they used to be called enduro bikes), and with good reason; dual-sport bikes are Read more . . .

two stroke vs. four stroke dirt bikes
Two Stroke vs. Four Stroke

Okay, so it's been about fifteen years since Doug Henry catapulted the Yamaha four stroke dirt bike onto the forefront of the motocross scene, and yet the two-stroke vs. four-stroke Read more . . .

motocross and trail bikes image
Which Bike - MX or Trail?

The one size fits all sizing never really works very well, and dirt bikes are no exception. Motocross and trail bikes are built for very different terrains and there's no Read more . . .

Four stroke trail bikes
2015 Four Stroke Trail Bikes

Size matters, but sometimes good things come in small packages and when the small packages are 250cc four stroke dirt bikes, it's good, really Read more . . .

2014 KTM xc-w dirt bike
2014 KTM Video Review
2014 Husqvarna dirt bike
2014 Husqvarna Lineup
2013 Yamaha YZ250 two stroke
2013 YZ250 Review Video
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