Dirt Bike Tie-Down Straps

Tie-down straps may sound kinky, but there's nothing kinky about a damaged dirt bike or pickup truck, not to mention the possibility of causing injury or an accident because you didn't secure your dirt bike properly. There are several options when it comes to dirt bike tie-down straps: soft straps, cam straps, ratchet straps, and locking straps. They're all readily available and come in a variety of lengths and strengths. *Note: If your dirt bike has a kickstand it's a good idea to not transport the bike with the kickstand down. It's an unlikely sceneario, but if the tie-down does work its way loose, the kickstand can sometimes act as a pivot, possibly flipping the bike out of the truck bed. If the bike does somehow come loose from the tie-down, it's better that it just falls over onto its side.

Soft tie-down straps:

dirt bike tiedown strapsNo matter which tie-down straps you end up using, the ones featuring soft tie-downs are much better than hooking a metal S-hook onto a metal handlebar. The soft tie-downs can be purchased separately or as part of the tie-down itself. The image shows the soft tie-downs separately (black), as part of the tie-down strap (red), along with a regular S-hook tie-down (blue). The tie-downs have different size cams and S-hooks for different weight ratings but since dirt bikes aren't very heavy, most tie-down straps will work fine. When attaching the strap to the bike's handlebars, keep the straps away from any wires or cables so they don't get crushed. These Pro Taper tie-down straps on Amazon have the soft straps built into the strap, and if you already have the straps you can buy the soft tie-downs separately.

Ratchet tie-down straps:

motorcycle ratchet tie-downRatchet tie-down straps have been around for a long time and have some serious cranking power. They can definitely be used to tie down a dirt bike but given the size and weight of most dirt bikes, the ratchet tie-downs are almost overkill and they can be cumbersome to use. The other drawback is the 'spring factor' when releasing the ratchet strap from the dirt bike because there's no easy way to release the ratchet, so it's either tight or loose. The springing action is fine with ATVs or lawn mowers because they have four wheels, but a dirt bike might be harder to balance without someone there to help hold the bike when the ratchet is sprung. But if you have a big dual-sport adventure bike you may appreciate the extra cranking power and since the big bikes have kickstands, balancing the bike is a bit easier. This four pack of ratchet tie-down straps has very good ratings and many answered questions on Amazon.

Cam-lock tie-down straps:

dirt bike camlock tie-down Cam-lock tie-downs are easier to use than ratchet straps and have plenty of holding power. Once the dirt bike is in place, simply pull each tie-down to remove most of the slack, then make sure each side is pulled to the same length so the bike isn't leaning one way or the other. Wrap the excess material around the taut part of the tie-down as an extra precaution against the cam coming loose when travelling on excessively bumpy roads, and to keep the ends from being shredded by the wind. Cam-lock tie-downs are the most widely available tie-downs and can be found at Lowe's, various hardware stores, Walmart, as well as Amazon, and are usually the least expensive of all the tie-down options. These Ancra cam-lock tie-downs on Amazon have been around for a long time and are the ones pictured.

Locking tie-down straps:

Lockstrap locking tie downLockStraps are cam type tie-downs with a carabiner at each end and have a built-in combination lock and a thin steel cable inside the strapping material. Nothing is 100% foolproof, but thieves are opportunists and will always select the easiest and quickest target. The locking carabiner is an extra step and might make the thieves move on to an easier target, so it can't hurt to have an extra layer of protection if you can't keep an eye on your bike for any extended period of time. The LockStraps locking tie-down (Amazon) might make your insurance company happy as well. They can also be used to secure gas cans, coolers, etc. A note when shopping - they're usually sold separately, not two to a pack so be sure to check when buying.

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