Go Pro Hero 3 Helmet Cam


gopro hero3 black edition helmat camAction sports like dirt bikes are a natural for helmet cam footage and since you're going to get old faster than you think, it's a good idea to record those videos now. There are several good helmet cameras on the market, but the Go Pro Hero 3 helmet cam consistently rates in the top ten of Amazon's Electronic, Camera, Photo, and Camcorder category. A consistently high rating is no small feat when you consider the hundreds of thousands products that Amazon has listed just in those departments alone. All those users can't be wrong. If you're thinking about getting a helmet cam, the Go Pro Hero 3 should be very high on your list.

Making a better video: Although this isn't a video editing website, after looking at scores of helmet cam videos on You Tube and Vimeo, the biggest turnoff is the endless footage of nothing but trails. The key to making good helmet cam videos is varying the angles and points of views of the camera, then editing the footage to tell a basic story. The "filler" shots don't need to be long, and they can be as simple as getting a video of the parking lot or trailhead area. There are scores of Go Pro attachments that enable you to get different points of view that will add interest to your videos. One thing to check before buying attachments is whether the attachments will fit your dirt bike. Dirt bikers aren't the only adreneline junkies - mountain bikers, skiers, surfers, snowboarders, and many other sport addicts also use the Go Pro so make sure the attachment you're buying will work in a dirt bike environment.

Video editing: Your computer probably has a basic video editing program which may work just fine, and Wikipedia lists a few free editing programs that may have a few extra features your computer's software doesn't offer. Unless you're planning to make a living from your videos you probably don't need full-blown pro video editing software. There are many excellent programs that will suit beginners through intermediate users, plus the learning curve is not as steep as for the pro versions (not to mention a $100 vs. $1,500 price tag). Vegas Movie Studio 14 Platinum, Corel Video Studio Ultimate X10, and Adobe's Premiere Elements are all proven software packages. Mac users need to check that the software suports the Mac OS, as many are only for PCs.

Below is a video that show helmet cam footage from different angles. The vid is a comparison between placing the camera on the fender and the helmet (it switches at around 1:25). The other video offers some tips and tricks for mounting the GoPro Hero.