Leatt GPX Neck Brace

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Riding a dirt bike can be dangerous, especially if you decide to compete on the motocross track. The minimum safety gear any rider should have is a helmet, goggles and gloves. A Leatt neck brace may seem like overkill for beginners, but once you step it up a notch and start hitting the doubles and triples at the track or racing harescambles, you might want to consider a neck brace as an added safety precaution. They're not cheap, but it's a lot cheaper than paying medical bills or being out of work.

Leatt comfort:

The Leatt neck brace looks like it would be bulky and uncomfortable, but it's just like any other piece of safety gear - once you've worn it a few times you won't even notice it's there and might even feel weird riding without it. If you wear a chest protector, the Leatt brace is designed to work with most major brands of chest protectors, so you don't need the Leatt brand chest protector.

Which Leatt neck brace:

leatt GPX 5.5 neck braceLeatt neck braces come in several categories: currently the STX is for street riders, the DBX is for mountain bike and/or BMX riders, and the GPX is for motocross and trail riders. The acronyms can change, so be sure you're buying the proper Leatt brace for riding dirt bikes - you don't want to be wearing a neck brace rated for mountain biking when riding on a motocross track. In the past there were several different models of Leatt GPX neck braces (Trails, ProLite, Race, Club, and Adventure II), and you may still find some of those models available, but going into 2020 it's basically the GPX series for dirt bike riding. There's the GPX 6.5, the GPX 5.5 (pictured), and the newest entry level neck brace, the GPX 3.5, all available on Amazon or from the Leatt website. They're all good products with the differences being mostly weight, degree of adjustability, ease of adjustability, and price.

Leatt neck brace sizing:

There are only two basic sizes of Leatt neck braces - small and large. The small neck brace model is designed to fit riders between 50 to 150 pounds, and the large model is designed to fit riders between 120 - 270 pounds. The neck brace sizing allows for a decent range of size adjustments which is good for teenagers who fall in the 120-150 pound range. If you're ordering online check the store's return policy in case you need to return it for a larger or smaller size.

Leatt neck brace videos:

Here are a few videos about the Leatt neck brace. The first video is an intro to the Leatt 5.5 GPX brace, and the second is a Leatt fitting video, and the third video is Leatt 5.5 neck brace review.

Leatt 5.5 Intro

Leatt Fitting Guide

Leatt 5.5 Review