Predator Helmet

Predator hells rider helmetForm is supposed to follow function, meaning that the way a product looks (form) should be determined not by its looks, but by its purpose (function). A motorcycle helmet's primary purpose is to protect you from injury, and artistic expression should be of secondary importance. There's no doubt the Predator helmet has a lot of bling factor, but a helmet isn't meant to be a fashion accessory or Halloween costume. It's meant to protect you from serious injury and death. Bling factor isn't even on the radar when it comes to motorcycle safety.

Not the best design: Since this is a beginners 101 site it seems appropriate to mention a few things about the helmet's design that may not be readily apparent to a beginner as far as safety issues. The Predator helmet is made by two competing Russian companies - NLO Moto and Nitrinos. Each company manufacturers their helmets differently, but the basic design of both helmets limits the field of vision due to the narrow opening of the visor. This design flaw makes it a bad choice for both on-road and off-road riders.

NLO Moto: NLO Moto has gone through several generations of Predator helmet design and they're now using an HJC helmet as a base and securing the Predator shell over the HJC helmet. HJC has been around for many years and makes both DOT and DOT/Snell certified helmets, so that's definitely an improvement on earlier Predator designs. Although this addresses the head injury component, it doesn't help to alleviate the issue of reduced vision. Even the manufacturer's promo video mentions the vision problem.

Predator videos: The video below left is the official NLO Moto promo vid, and is more of a marketing piece. The video to the right is a consumer review. The guy that made the video review thinks it's a great helmet, but he freely admits it's not as safe as a regular helmet. He also mentions that the ventilation isn't the best and subsequently the visor fogs over, especially when riding slowly in cold weather. But he thinks the laser is awesome and is happy with his purchase. Go figure.

NLO-moto Predator Promo Video
Predator Helmet Review Video

Nitrinos: Nitrinos doesn't use a full-sized helmet as a base - they start with the basic Predator shell, glue pieces of fiberglass and carbon around the inside of the shell, paint the outside, then add the dreadlocks; but the dreadlocks are attached by drilling holes into the shell - it's never a good idea to drill holes in a helmet. The final steps are adding what looks like a piece of polystyrene for some 'cushioning', then adding the cheek pads, chin strap, and the barely existent visor shield.

The bottom line is to skip the bling and go for a standard mainstream helmet that adheres to the form follows function principle, especially if you're a beginner.