Dirt Bike Riding Tips

How to Use a Dirt Bike Clutch

DirtWise Riding Tips: Log Crossings

Isaac Newton on a dirt bike
Newton's Three Laws

Although the 'ride it like you stole it' maxim works for some riders, beginning dirt bike riders will benefit from taking a few minutes to think before they ride, especially when it comes to something Read more . . .

beginner dirt bike rider
Riding Tips: The Basics

There are many small things that go into riding a dirt bike well, and while spending time just riding the bike is a good start, it helps to focus on a few key components to make the time spent on the Read more . . .

dual sport enduro rider
Dual Sport Riding

How would you define adventure and freedom? For many people, hopping on a dual-sport motorcycle and seeing the world (even if it's only a small part of the world) is a great way to experience both freedom Read more . . .

honda dirt bike railing a berm
Dirt Bike Riding Tips: Corners

Learning the fine art of cornering a dirt bike well isn't easy, but since corners are a basic component of motocross tracks and off-road trails it's worth your while to spend some time perfecting (or at least improving) Read more . . .

trials rider riding a trials bike
Observed Motorcycle Trials

Observed trials bikes can be called the "mountain goat" bikes of the off-road world. The bikes are a specialized breed of lightweight motorcycles geared for slow riding over natural and man-made Read more . . .

Shane Watts DirtWise DVDs
Shane Watts' DirtWise DVDs

If you’re an off-road trail rider, finding videos to you help improve your off-road trail riding skills can be tough. There are many more instructional videos for motocross riders than for off-road trail Read more . . .

dirt bike wheelie
Dirt Bike Wheelies

Most riders want to learn how to wheelie a dirt bike in order to impress their friends, but learning how to wheelie is an important part of becoming a better rider by teaching throttle, clutch, and brake Read more . . .

offroad and dual sport dvds
Dirt Bike Dual-Sport DVDs

Dual-sport bikes are a great way to get out and see the world, but they can also be dangerous for the uninitiated or inexperienced rider. It's not like going on a day-long trail ride where you come home Read more . . .