Coleman Minibike Parts CT200U

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Coleman mini-bikes have been around for decades and are simple to work on and modify, and replacement parts are easy to find. There are three basic Coleman minibike models: the CT100U, the CT200U, and the CT200EX. The minibike parts in this article are for the Coleman CT200U simply because that's the bike we've been working on. Some of the parts may fit the CT200EX, but check before buying. All links go to Amazon unless otherwise noted.

Coleman minibikes are made in China and almost all the replacement parts are generic Chinese brands. We've tried to group the parts in some type of order - roughly from the front of the bike to the back.

Grips and handlebars:

These throttle grips come with two grips and a throttle cable. Coleman minibikes are tough, but they're no match for big trees. These ProTaper minibike handlebars are a nice upgrade if your original bars get bent.


Whether your minibike has been in storage for years or it's simply time to replace the carb, this basic replacement carburetor kit will work. Better yet, consider a Stage 1 Performance Kit carburetor instead, and you could gain up to 1.5 horsepower.

CT200U 420 chains:

There are two chains that eventually need replacing: the shorter jackshaft chain and the longer rear chain. Here's a link for another rear chain for price comparison.

Recoil pull start:

The Coleman minibikes are easy to start but after several hundred pulls, the pull cord starts to give way and needs to be replaced. This replacement recoil pull starter fits the CT200U, and comes with the necessary hardware.

Brake levers, pads, and brake assembly:

Brake levers usually bear the brunt when a minibike crashes to the ground, but luckily the brake lever isn't difficult or expensive to replace. If you only need the cable, there's a 60" brake cable available separately. Here's a link for a rear brake assembly, but you'll need to buy the brake pads separately.

Foot pegs, tire rims, and tires:

These foot pegs come with both right and left foot pegs. If your tire rim somehow gets bent or dinged enough to lose tire pressure, a new tire rim will solve the problem. Minibike tires take a beating. These 19X7-8 tires are closest to the Coleman stock tires, but these tires (same brand) have a similar tread and may be cheaper.

CT200U seat and racks:

Riding in jeans can take a toll on on the seat's seams. If you need a replacement seat, be sure to save the three bolts from the old seat because the new seat doesn't come with any hardware.The CT200U doesn't come with racks, but they're easy to install. The front rack comes with installation hardware, but the rear rack doesn't come with any hardware or braces, so the rear rack braces need to be purchased separately.

That rounds up our Coleman minibike parts list for now. We'll update the list as we go along.

Coleman CT200U minibike parts videos

Here are a few Coleman minibike videos. The first video is from Coleman showing how to replace the stock CT200U carburetor - the initial 48 seconds is legal stuff, but after that it's step-by-step. The second video shows replacing the stock CT200U-A carb with a Stage One performance kit, and . . . it's a girl (woman) that changes out the carb! She has the carb installed by around 5:03. The last two minutes are of her riding the minibike, but only through the streets of the development, not off-road.

The third video is another Coleman video showing how to remove and clean the clutch, and finally, the fourth video is just a plain guy that loves the minibike. The video's in portrait mode, it's not edited, and he's not a mechanic, but he's sincere, you'll get to hear the motor run (decibels), and he looks to be 200+ pounds and says the bike is plenty fast.